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Flor - Ida Series
Stained Glass and Architectural Glass Art Design and Installation
We are to proud to have provided over 6000 custom glass blocks for the
Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian House in Lakeland, Florida.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Usonian House images provided by
Michael Maguire.

For a complete documentation of
this project, please visit
The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Titusville, Florida.
 A rare style restoration using "Dalles" which is thick glass blocks averaging close
to one inch in thickness. This project required the complete window to be
removed and broken down into each original glass piece. During the restoration,
many glass pieces were poured, cut and textured to match the style created
years ago. The entire piece was over 12 feet high and 5 1/2 feet wide weighing
in at over 800 pounds!
The computer recreation
and blue print to replace
needed pieces.
Placing the glass on the
pattern in the frame for
the new cement casting.
The installation.