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Glass Beads
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Flor - Ida 2011 Series
Fossil 2011 Series
This series was created to resemble the
look and wonders of fossils. The glass is
layered, trapping elements of silver and
metallics long with other colors to
reflect a geode look on the side, while
maintaining a natural stone appearance
from the font and back.
Obsidian Relics 2011 Series
Featured in
Glass Bead Magazine
Summer 2011

Flow Magazine
Winter 2011

Glass Art Magazine
Jan/Feb 2012
Hunting Windows 2011 Series
Continuing along the concept of the fossils,
the next stage is ancient cave paintings.
The window bead concept taken from my 2005 garden bead series influenced from Tiffany Windows.
Inside My Heart 2011 Series
Not Just Beads 2011 Series
Combining Silver, Brass and Copper to glass.
Pandora Beads 2011
Misc beads form 2010