With over 25 years creating custom stained glass art, here are a few examples of Rocio's creations.
 Stained glass is an artistic medium that can be used to create endless styles to complete the perfect look for any environment.
Just as a fine art painting, glass is designed with the style and colors required to enhance area around it.
Below you will see a few samples of this diversity.
Ron and Rocio Bearer Fine Art & Design
Large commercial applications are a specialty for our studio. We are happy to work with architects and construction companies
to complete even the largest size project . Above is an example shown from both inside and outside of the building.
Large church installations are built with reinforcements built into the design to add the required strength to ensure lasting
beauty for generations. Each window is also sealed, which prevents glass from shifting over time, while also adding additional
efficiency for heating and cooling the home or building.
One of the most exciting projects was the completion of the Frank Lloyd Wright, Usonian House in Lakeland Florida. This original
Frank Lloyd Wright design was completed for Florida Southern College in 2013. It was a pleasure to work with the architect, Jeff
Baker and Rodda Contruction. This project required creative solutions and technique to create over 6000 pieces of 3/4 inch
thick glass that matched the uniques shapes of the building blocks.
More images can be viewed by selecting the Frank Lloyd Wright button on the left menu. Images provided by Michael Maguire.
A few more examples of
stained glass windows.
For more information on custom stained glass, restoration or repairs, please contact us at
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