Rocio Bearer
 Glass artist Rocio Bearer studied and trained in Venezuela, Colombia and the United States to learn the skills she uses today.
After receiving the honor of Featured Artist at the prestigious Venezuela School of Art -  Candido Millan, she has lectured and
taught stained glass, painting, fusing and lampworking. Rocio is considered a pioneer of  modern art glass in her native Venezuela
and noted for introducing a variety of new glass techniques.
 Rocio owned and operated a glass art studio / retail store in Valencia, Venezuela for 13 years before she met her husband on a
trip to the Untied States to buy glass supplies. She moved to the United States in the year 2000 and opened a studio in Cocoa,
Florida. Among all things that she loves about glass, it is teaching that motivates her to keep exploring new techniques. It is
common to find her taking pictures of flowers and drawing out rough sketches of her next creation. Her love of nature and all of
it's intricate creations is a great influence and inspiration in her art. She really enjoys sharing her knowledge with other artists
teaching classes in her Florida studio as well as other studios throughout the United States and South America.
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Ron and Rocio Bearer Fine Art & Design
Ron Bearer Jr.
 As the third generation of his family in an glass art profession, Ron has a passion for creating sculptures and commercial art glass
installations with his wife, Rocio.
The Studio
Over generations, the studio goes beyond the experience of a life time. Through the years, the passion for glass art has grown
and expanded into new techniques and innovative design. Creating the art piece that completes the final touch of a home or
building is our tradition that will last through the ages.
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